The House

Travelling in a group? Want the whole space to yourself? It is possible to rent the house as a whole, which opens up a number of possibilities. The rooms remain as charming as ever, but we are able to offer a more personalised service to groups who rent the whole house. Privately catered dinners, customised breakfasts – all of this becomes possible. Relax in the lounge, enjoy some tea or a glass of wine in the peaceful courtyard, laze in the jacuzzi – the house is yours to enjoy.

12 Hofmeyr is also available to hire for private occasions and media events, as well asĀ  professional photo shoots. Please contact us for rates and information.


MAY - OCT 2019
R9 000
NOV - APR 2020
R11 000
MAY - OCT 2020
R9 000


The couch in the living room was made by Klooftique. The mirror in the entrance hall comes from Sobeit Studio and the the dining room table and blue easy chair are from Casamento. The white spiral staircase was manufactured by Heritage Castings. Cushions for the patio furniture are from Shine Shine, while the patio furniture hails from Delos. Kitchen cupboards are manufactured by Raw and Wolfgang Kretschmer.