Coffee, Cheese and Bao Buns

The great thing about Cape Town is that just when you have concluded your research and drawn up your definitive list of favourite places, something new comes along to tempt you into an immediate revision. No time to settle in to any kind of rut. No sirree.

A few new (and not so new) places that we would like to add to our list and that we highly recommend you add to yours are the following:

Flatmountain Coffee Roasters
Coffee first. So you’re in the mood for art. You make your way downtown to visit the Michael Stevenson and Goodman Galleries and are suddenly overcome by a strong need for caffeine. Fear not! Relief is near….Just across the road you will find Flatmountain Coffee Roasters, a wood-panelled haven of expertly roasted beans. Sit down for a perfect cup or a quick business meeting and then make your way home with a bag of exquisitely roasted mostly single-origin beans.

Sing hallelujah

I am not sure what it is about hallelujah that I like the most. Is it their flashy neon sign and their over-the-top flamingo wallpaper? The plastic lobsters and floral chopsticks? The cheery staff? The scrummy food? The lunatic website? All of the above?

Though she be but little, their Asian inspired sharing menu is fierce.  Their wine list is similarly concise but comprehensive, with an impressive selection of local ‘champagne’ to choose from.
Come with your friends, order everything on the menu and try not to get too attached to any one dish. A big ask, given how delicious everything is, but hey, you can always order a second helping. Of the Vegetable Surprise, for example – the cashew nut miso brittle that accompanies this dish is a revelation.

Since you can only book a table if there are 4,5 or 6 of you, come early to avoid having to fight off other diners and missing out on what is definitely a Cape Town culinary highlight. Yum.

Everything is coming up Cheese

South Africa has never been Cheese Central – for many years your choice lay between the very processed rectangular block of Gouda or the very orange rectangular block of Cheddar at your local supermarket. But no more! Those days are fading fast as artisanal cheesemakers are sprouting up all over town and country. Culture Club Cheese, housed in a cheery yellow cottage on the übercool top end of  Bree Street, is where you can find the best of these.

Stocking a large selection of fresh, local (and some foreign) artisanal cheeses, you will also find coffee, cheese-themed snacks and meals, charcuterie and biscuits to eat with your cheese. In keeping with the fermentation theme all kinds of pickles and krauts and beverages also line the shelves. We can’t wait to have Culture Club Cheese come over to host a cheese-tasting at 12 Hofmeyr!