Grocery shopping

Need some groceries? There are quite a few options for grocery shopping in the area.

In the Lifestyle Centre on Kloof Street, you will find:
• Woolworths Food Store
• The Wellness Warehouse (which stocks largely organic and ethically sourced products)
• There is a lovely bakery (Knead) and a very good wine store in the centre.

The Gardens Centre is also good for groceries. There is a large Pick ‘n Pay store, a larger Woolworths Food Store, a  German Deli (Raiths) with a good selection of cold meats, a patisserie (Cassis) with good bread and cakes, banks, a hardware store and various lifestyle stores.

For meat there are two excellent butcheries close to you:
• The German Butcher is just around the corner on Kloof Street.
Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants are just off Bree Street on Heritage Square. The latter stock only ethically sourced meat and chicken. You can call them ahead to order on 021 424 7204 or just go and have a look at what they have available on the day. Then again you may be vegetarian, in which case ignore this paragraph.