When in Rome Cape Town

Aaaah, Cape Town. Weird and wonderful Cape Town. Make peace with the fact that you won’t manage to do it all. We still haven’t and we live here! But with some guidance and gentle prodding, we can help you to find all the best places to go and best things to do right off the bat. No trawling through Tripadvisor or the Wallpaper guide… Get it here, first.

Clearly this list is a reflection of our taste and what we love most. We believe that the following suggestions meet our expectation of quality and authenticity. This is not the definitive guide to Cape Town, but it is our guide to Cape Town. We unashamedly admit to being especially partial to food, coffee, wine, design and lovely walks, but if your taste runs further afield we know who to ask. Surfing? Paragliding? Diving with the great whites? We’ve got it covered.

Cape Town is a mecca for coffee lovers. There is excellent coffee to be had in the city and there is no longer any excuse for an average cup. Our favourite establishments are:

Rosetta Roastery
Truth on Buitenkant

Food options in Cape Town abound. Whether you are looking for a quick bite or a gastronomic extravaganza, Cape Town covers all the bases. However, some forward planning might be necessary. Gone are the days when you could arrive at a restaurant on the night and expect to find a table. A number of our excellent restaurants are booked out well in advance, so please  take this into consideration when booking your trip. Our concierge service will try to help.

Casual Food
Chef’s Warehouse and Canteen
South China Dim Sum Bar
Masala Dosa
The Pot Luck Club

Not so Casual
Test Kitchen

Cape Town was named the World Design Capital of 2014, an indication of the emergence of Cape Town as a global creative destination. These are some of our favourite shops, many of them showcasing exquisite and quirky local design.

Africa Nova
African Image

The densest concentration of contemporary design and edgy art is no doubt in Woodstock and arguably on Albert Road. For great insight into the burgeoning creative scene, spend some time here and check out:

The Woodstock Exchange
The Woodstock Foundry
The Old Biscuit Mill (also home to the famous Saturday Neighbourgoods Market)
Salt Circle Arcade

In the city a visit to the Waterkant is also a must, but only – and this is very important – after walking the length of both Bree and Long Streets.

Art & Design
Cape Town has a healthy mix of established art institutions and smaller, up-and-coming galleries. What’s more, many of these galleries are situated in and around Woodstock, making it the perfect place for an artsy ramble. Whatever you do, don’t miss:

Goodman Gallery
Michael Stevenson Gallery
What If The World